England worst Performance in 2014 World Cup

England experienced an abysmal 2014 World Cup as they failed to make it out of the group stages after losing against Italy, Uruguay and only managing to claim one point thanks to a draw after having locked horns with Costa Rica.

When that worldwide competition reached it’s end, England has attempted to revive their team spirit and morale by focusing on the upcoming major international tournament in the 2016 UEFA Euro’s which kicks off in June of 2016

Roy Hodgson is the manager of the English national team and things have started to take a turn for the better as the squad has claimed four successive victories in their journey of securing their qualification ticket.

The team of Roy Hodgson is currently located at the top of Group E as they are undefeated after 4 matches having been played; they secured triumphs in all of those games and are favorites on progressing through the next stages of the tournament which is going to be hosted by France.

After having gone through such a positive campaign in the group stages of this tournament, Roy Hodgson is optimistic about what his team can accomplish and Hodgson considers his squad of players to be serious competitors.

“I am looking forward to seeing the team qualify for France in 2016.I want to continue to play my part in helping the players on the path that they are on the path to becoming better in every aspect of their game and better at becoming a team which in 2016 will hopefully be as a serious competitor when we get to France.” Hodgson told the FA’s website on Monday as he reflected on his squad’s 100 percent winning start to their Euro 2016 qualifying group.

The English squad has certainly been playing better and making a good run in the 2016 UEFA Euro’s would be a good way for Roy Hodgson and his team to recover from their disastrous campaign in the past edition of the World Cup.