The chairman of the Polish football association believes that Russia should not host the 2018 World Cup

Zbigniew Boniek is the chairman of the Polish football association and he has expressed his point of view concerning Russia hosting the 2018 World Cup and their conflicts involving Ukraine.

The former Juventus player and current chairman of the PFA said: “Hosting the World Cup in Russia is a disastrous mistake, it’s a country engaged in war, who invaded another country. In 2010 when FIFA chose Russia to host the World Cup the situation was totally different. But now when Russia is at war with Ukraine? There should be a clause in the contract between FIFA and the host country that enables the executive committee to strip that country in the event of a war. Or violating the charter of the United Nations,”

Russia was awarded with hosting the 2018 World Cup ahead of  England and joint bids from Spain/Portugal and Netherlands/Belgium in December 2010 but things hasn’t been easy for the Russian government and nation in its entirety as they are continuously receiving criticism due to the economic problems and a number of other things that Vladimir Putin and his citizens are experiencing.

There even are problems emerging involving racism and gay rights. Since 2013, it has been reported and announced that over 200 incidents associated with racism and this has even affected Russian domestic football.

The amount of things are in doubt with the 2018 World Cup and Russia continues to rise as more and more people do not agree with Russia hosting the football tournament, as a nation it has what it takes to host a competition of this caliber but the moment that they are going through is something that is seriously putting into question if it’s the ideal environment for everything to take place.