Raheem goal, Rooney assist & Henderson trick | Inside Access

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| June 12th, 2014 | Posted in Football |

25 Responses to “Raheem goal, Rooney assist & Henderson trick | Inside Access”

  1. MR Bandito Says:

    i loled at the after pace from Rooney bit, seriously should be dropped.
    Never known anyone give the ball away as much as him.
    he got famous then got lazy and also while your at it drop Gerrard/lampard,
    wilshire is better then both of them.
    also drop Johnson, ive never rated him as a “Defender” he doesn’t defend.
    please dont play milner i know he works hard but hes terrible.
    other then that England will do well if someone listened to me

  2. Randy Jameson Says:

    England are the worst soccer team in the world u always lose guys. Why
    don’t you invent your own sport instead of stealing soccer off us and
    rebranding it as “football”. England will go out straight away at the euro
    cup and and America will get to last 4. USA USA USA USA USA USA

  3. jacquesregan Says:

    It’s a rather scary thought just how good Raheem Sterling is going to
    become over the next 10+ years. Liverpool have one of the best young
    talents in the world in the kid.

  4. Dudemar Says:

    ‘Rooney run’
    Lfc showing England how it’s done

  5. Samatar Mohamed Says:

    John stones is going to to the WC?

  6. Exoticz Says:

    They had to put “Rooney run” in the title to keep the mancs happy enjoy no

  7. MadBird Says:

    Can someone please point out Rooney’s run?

  8. lamps Says:

    That use to be Rooney taking on players like that.

  9. AlexAFC Says:

    Umm. Where is the ”run”?

  10. Danny Athey Says:

    Why do we always seem “allright” in a training match but suck in every
    other match.

  11. rachataza racezoba Says:

    the next legend liverpool

  12. Forestgravy90 Says:

    Lampard cannot control the ball, if it wasn’t for his ability to get into
    good positions and score 20-yard shots that deflect off 3 players then he
    would be nowhere. Although no time for negativity, COME ON ENGLAND!

  13. Александар .Стакић Says:

    Neymar who???

  14. George Strange Says:

    we can only score against like this against our own crappy defenders

  15. wafflefacepenis Says:

    England will do horrible with rooney behind the strikers in the world cup,
    this game against honduras proving (yet again for the 55555th time) hes
    useless in that position and provides little threat (even to a shit team)
    atleast with barkley starting there in the other game england looked ten
    times more threatening attacking, this rooney favouritism even with his
    shit performances is crippling, cant wait for england to get a manager who
    doesn’t cave in to this reputation/media hype bullshit, barkley/sterling
    should be 100% starters in everygame.

  16. brahim kadi Says:

    he has great dancing feet like neymar 

  17. LoneDerangerer Says:

    he’s got quick a big arse doesnt he

  18. Marc Knight Says:

    Hendo’s behind-the-head kick was magic. 

  19. Aldric G. Bailey Says:

    That’s it Engerland… Cast yer pearls before swine… Go on… Throw away
    yer best chance in decades by publishing these here vids…

    Sigh… I wonder if Germany’s doing this…

  20. Harsa Mitra Says:

    Henderson trick.amen

  21. SHUJ Shabir Says:

    Really hope Raheem starts against Italy! Roy should play a 4-2-3-1. Hart in
    goal, Johnson, Cahill, Jakielka and Baines in defence. Gerrard and Wilshere
    in CM, with Wilshere playing a more advanced role. Sterling, Rooney and
    Lallana in front of Gerrard and Wilshere. With Sturridge leading the line

  22. andyraven Says:

    Now do that in a match what matters and not against other English players,
    and we’re sorted for the world cup.

  23. MrMrHewson Says:

    It’s a shame they can never do this in a game….
    The only reason that most probably happened was because they were playing
    against themselves….

  24. Michael Jansen Says:

    Raheem Stirling deserves to be in the starting lineup!

  25. Lam Phung Says:

    look at the goalkeeper, hahaha so nervous