Dunga is someone who has often been misunderstood in Brazil

Dunga is someone who has often been misunderstood in Brazil. People have problems with his attitude. The media does not like him either.

There was a section of the fans that thought the condition of Brazilian Football was only going to get worse with him being appointed as the replacement of Luiz Felipe Scolari.

But, a few months down the line, it’s hard to find the critics of the Brazil boss. There is no one criticizing or crucifying him at the moment and why would there be? He has done such an incredible job for his country.

The 7-1 massacre versus Germany was a disaster for Selecao. It was nothing less than that.

Having revived them from there and that too so well, Dunga must be given some credit now. He very rarely gets that.

Whatever he has touched since taking over from Scolari, he has managed to turn it into gold and that’s because he has gone about things intelligently.

It was very easy for him to change the squad totally with his arrival. Everybody wanted him to do that. Get the young blood in, that’s what the demands were.

But, he did not do that because he knew that it would not do the team any good. The old guys had to stay and had to help the new guys, which were to come in, to settle down.

He blended the experience of the veterans and the exuberance of the youth and the result happened to be absolutely phenomenal for Brazil as they have been unbeaten post the World Cup.

If Dunga, who has been a World Champion as a player too, is given the freedom to build this team in the next 4 years, Brazil will be at it again come the World Cup 2018.