Hamish Watson: Play!

Hamish Watson of Scotland rugby international has called on clubs and schools in Moray to sign up to fresh initiatives that delivers new playing equipment and kit for the players.

This week, Watson launched a fresh scheme of Mitsubishi Motors Kit 4 Clubs (MMK4C) to give an opportunity to rugby teams to earn new playing kit, gear and training equipment.

The kit that will be provided to the clubs include match shirts, tackle pads, practice bibs, balls and more. And this will be given in return of members completing a test drive and vehicle appraisal with their local Mitsubishi Motors dealer.

About this initiative, Watson said: “The objective of this initiative is to make the clubs more equipped and the schools have the kit, this will help in further growth of Rugby. At present the Scottish Rugby is on a massive high, and the team has got a big pool of good players, we have got a real depth and strong strength at the moment and I believe it is positive for the Rugby fans.”

MD of Mitsubishi Motors, Lance Bradley, added: “To be persistence with our commitment, we are very proud and supporting the grassroots Scottish Rugby.

“The new scheme Kit 4 Clubs will give rugby schools and clubs all across the Scotland access to the modern playing equipment and kit. We believe, to increase participation of people in this game proving kit to schools and clubs is important. In the coming time, this will develop a strong future for team of Scottish Rugby.”

Hamish Watson was at the launch event of Mitsubishi Motors new Kit 4 Clubs scheme, he spoke about these things in an interview there, while offering kit and equipment of latest design to rugby schools and clubs.