The Russian embassy to the United Kingdom has described the documentary by the BBC as “shocking.”

The media outfit released a film ahead of the World Cup 2018 in Russia, detailing the risks associated with England participating in the high-profile tournament.

The embassy opines that the BBC’s efforts aim at discrediting the host of the tournament.

“The film title Russia’s Hooligan Army shot and broadcast by BBC Two with the Russia-hosted 2018 World Cup in mind is quite shocking. One gets the impression that its goal is to sow fear in British society and warn the fans against travelling to Russia.

“The filmmakers from the government-funded channel did their best to discredit Russia and the forthcoming World Cup,” a statement from the embassy reads.

The documentary features Russians who commented on the forthcoming event. One Russian fan that was featured told another source that his words were “grossly misinterpreted” by the British press. The fan, who is the former leader of a football fan group referred to as Spartak Gladiators, said he – appearing as ‘Vasily the Killer’ – was misconstrued by the media.

“Yes, I did participate in the film, but I am amazed at how they twist my words in the media now. I haven’t seen the movie itself, though. I’ve only read an article about it in the Guardian, which I call a ‘smear campaign.’

“The part about ‘Putin’s military forces in Marseille’ is a barefaced lie. I’d never say that. I knew who was talking to, and what kind of answered they were looking for,” the fan said.

The fan added that the filmmaker Alex Stockley that his words would be translated correctly assured him. Both sides clashed after their match at the Euro 2016. The fighting started from the pitch before it spilled onto the French city of Marseille.

The safety committee head of the forthcoming tournament has said that the Russian-England fan clashes would not repeat itself but it seems the British media are not convinced.