25 thoughts on “England first training session in Brazil | Inside Access”

  1. if you want to train to compete at the world cup level you should have a
    swordsman as coach and machine gunners on the sidelines with fire torches
    as pylons, this looks like a tea party at the library, how do you expect to
    win when you practice like that? You are going into the bears cage! At
    least have huge speakers to simulate 100k pissed off Brazilians! They are
    gonna eat you guys for breakfast and spit you out before brunch… 

  2. england is the submissive whore that every country fucks..they are terrible
    and will feel like losers as they return to their island, rightfully so.
    england: the greatest disapoinment and embarassment of europe. 

  3. World Cup happens every four years atleast do one full session training
    video instead of 2-3min clips.. Jesus Christ.

  4. So where do others team trains?

    is this training ground exclusive only for the England team?

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