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  • England, It’s Coming Home! (It better do)

  • What really pissed me off is rooney got back page in all the papers.. Frank
    was the real hero. Top English scorer of last season, who said he’s too old?

  • Exactly, England lost against one man team.

  • hahahahahaha , hahahahaha , bravo , it was really anal rape

  • Let us not forget the anal rape performed by mister Ibra.

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  • Sweden? You mean Ibrahimović? One man team, and that’s why they’re not
    going to Brazil 2014.

  • Why cant we play like this at the world cup…

  • 30 second add for someone recording with there hands can fuck off

  • hence the word ‘good’ not meaning all the time.

  • Tell that to Sweden (4-2 loss)

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  • Don’t be jealous…. Brazil still beat em… although IMO that Spain match
    was too much in Brazil’s favour in terms of the home advantage, fatigue,
    injury! And none of the Brazil players got carded during that final O_o And
    I would love to see England beat some of this countries in a tournament,
    just because it’s been too long 🙁

  • But still…. I want England to beat Germany, Spain in a tournament you
    know what I mean 🙁 Brazil maybe not be as good as they were but they
    shouldn’t be underestimated mainly cos well it’s their home ground in WC
    next time so if they lose in QF like last one then, I would be LMAO

  • nobody cares about the confed cup. Brazil aren’t anywhere near as good as
    they were a few years ago, the likes of Spain, Germany and even Belgium are
    better at the moment.

  • neymar is overrated

  • uh.. exactly

  • It’s a shame they don’t win us anything… friendlies don’t count for shit,
    it’s how they cope in big tournaments that shows the mark of a good team.

  • But shit at the world cup.

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  • I need to wind down so I can get a decent sleep tonight. This should be
    boring enough….

  • Was neymar on there ?

  • your fucking shite

  • What has that got to do with England? Brazil are in the confederations cup
    because they won the bid to host the world cup not because of there
    footballing ability. Also i’m pretty sure England don’t really care about
    Brazil winning the competition as we were not in it.