25 thoughts on “ENGLAND VS DENMARK 1-0: Official goals and highlights from Wembley HD”

  1. I don’t know why but watching this I have some sort of confidence about
    England. Or at least, confidence in the future. Sturridge and Lallana
    aren’t that old, but they are quality, Sterling, Barkley, Wilshere, Theo,
    Chambo, England have got a pretty decent future.

  2. Funny thing is that Schmeichel normally never plays for the nationalside,
    he have only 3 caps, because Morten Olsen wants to use Stephan Andersen,
    who is not even near Kaspers level.

  3. if england can top they group at this summer world cup…they can at least
    reach the quarter final…and that will be some achievement…and erase the
    horror show from the 2010 tournament…

  4. Schmiechel was amazing, I nearly threw my remote at the screen because of
    him – I hope he does well in the Premier League next season!

  5. I wish Welbeck not playing anymore.. He could have passed to Sturridge at
    that time and his shot was weak. Even Hendo already played a brilliant 1-2
    with him

  6. Everyone saying we played boring football, but look at the Positives
    Lallana showed quality and so did sterling! Defensive we was okay aswell!
    Not happy we didn’t play Henderson in a position he would play for

  7. Hodson should deploy younger players more often now. Look at the positives
    from this match! 

  8. Kasper Schmeichel. What a beast. And he so scored against Yeovil (y’know,
    just had to say that).

  9. Football seems to be the only sport where you ‘test’ your reserve players
    in friendlies. Makes much more sense to stick to the strongest so they have
    time to gel, because time together is so limited.

  10. Doesn’t matter who we take to the world cup because we will be taking the
    first plane back.

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