25 thoughts on “England vs Scotland 3-2 Official Highlights @ Wembley”

  1. I’m definitely a Scotland fan but I’m not even that bothered cause Rickie
    Lambert is just quality.

  2. come on now, why all the biased / english, its the best international
    football match you can watch, you see england win just about every time but
    when the scots win they get a buz out of it, it’s ashame for the english
    tbh, only if we were a bit better matched

  3. We should play Scotland every year. That was a quality game. Lots of end to
    end action

  4. England will play at 100% against Scotland, friendly or not. Nice how they
    can only get goals from set pieces or when there are only 10 men on the
    opposing team. Get off your high horses.

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  6. Is it just me or does Gerrard save his best free kicks for England? We
    could use them at Liverpool haha

  7. Kenny Miller is scotlands best player. He is a premiership has been. He’s
    about as good as Kevin Phillips.

  8. I’d rather eat haggis than take heroin on top of super lagers you English
    shit-bag. Its ‘ jock tamson’ JACK TAMSEN!! HA HA Dyslexic English school

  9. Goal of the night – Kenny Miller. What an absolute champion and stalwart of
    Scottish football.

  10. Gary, I take it you’re English? If you are, could you please use you’re own
    language properly? You’ve used a double negative which utterly negates your

  11. That’s because Scotland aren’t at that level yet but the difference is we
    can admit that, but your fans can’t admit that England aren’t good either.

  12. See this is the thing, us scots know we aren’t worthy enough for the big
    leagues yet we still get behind our team and support them through thick and
    thin and then there’s you superiority complex England fans who think
    they’re some kind of world beaters when in reality they would be lucky to
    be on portugals level.

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