25 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup 2014 Predictions: France Vs Germany”

  1. btw.. the game looks like shit, the animations and so on..i guess this is
    fifa worldcup 2014 by EA right?

  2. Using a video game is not reliable for predicting a real match. The only
    reliable way is a squid.

  3. im german and i think we’ll go home today,we were not good enough the last
    games. at least löw gets a kick if we lose today. i hate this useless turd.

  4. Raphael Varane’s player model looks fake AF. Toni Kroos looks like a

  5. I like germany but i think they will lost today, they haven’t played well
    the last matches :(

  6. These idiots didnt even get the right squads. Please IGN don’t try this

  7. So… nothing against soccer but IGN… Can we stop with all the
    predictions??? Really… ive had enough of it…

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