Russian Government trying hard to prepare for global footballing event

It seems that the Russian Government is leaving no stone unturned to prove the rest of the world wrong about their credentials as the host of a global footballing event.

Not too many people around the world are sure that World Cup 2018 will turn out to be peaceful event and the reason why they are thinking so is because it is being held in Russia.

But, the Russian federation in collaboration with the country’s Government has planned several things to ensure that the peace is maintained throughout the duration of the showpiece event.

One of the things that have been planned is not to let the supporters wander in the downtown without proper clothing and in the influence of alcohol.

Generally when global events take place and Football fans from all over the world gather in the host country, the scenes of them having wild celebrations after their team’s victories are normal and they do it in public.

But, this time around, they will have to be careful while they are out in the public, not only the foreign fans, but, the Russian fans too as a warning has been issued by the government that if anyone is caught in a drunken state and inappropriately clothed, he won’t be spared and the cops will be taking quick action against him.

However, Mr Alexander Gorovoi, the head of the Police department at the central level in Russia concedes that the Cops don’t have sufficient resources at the moment to distinguish the semi-nude individuals from massive crowds. So for the plan to be carried out properly, it’s important that the Cops are furnished with extra resources.

The World Cup will be a 31-day event with a total of eleven venues organizing the matches.