25 thoughts on “VOTE NOW: England’s Best Goal In World Cup Qualification, Brazil 2014”

  1. Can’t wait for the wc and maybe if we don’t call England Crap and actually
    support them they might win ,even Poland and San Marino fans are more ‘real
    fans’ than us and they don’t qualify for much.

  2. England are worse team ever I can’t believe I am living in this failure
    country with poor weather and crappy streets. And you know one thing is
    really embrassing? Football was made by british and born, bread in england
    and yet they haven’t won since 1966. Shame on this crappy country.

    And never say Americans are pussy just remember they are still in the world

    I am supporting USA!!!!

    You know what I am british which I hate to be….


  3. Who is the soundtrack of this video by, I really like this track. So much
    better to watch world class football highlights with this music than
    terrible drum and bass (drum and bass can be good) but most people making
    sporting videos lack taste

  4. Yeah everybody talks down English football for they all fear the awakening
    of the sleeping giant

  5. England is able to score against San Marino Pros , not against Honduras
    tho, only retards like me dare to bet on this team of plonkers.

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