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Guto Ziller Hino da FIFA. PORTUGAL E GANA

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England first training session in Brazil | Inside Access

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Dempsey Unsure Of WOrld Cup

US soccer star Clint Dempsey has claimed that he does not know whether he will be playing at the World Cup 2018 in Russia. Following the retirement of Landon Donovan, Dempsey is one of the last remaining stars of this US national team. The 31-year-old forward has played for the likes of Fulham and Tottenham, while he recently returned to MLS with Seattle Sounders. After having been playing for the US national team since his debut in 2004, Dempsey has been an integral part of this team. Donovan’s recent retirement puts manager Klinsmann in a tough spot of having to find players to replace him.

In such a scenario, the exit of Dempsey will also be extremely tough for the national team to take. They come on the back of an impressive showing at the World Cup 2014 where they reached the last 16 round. This progression, despite the tough group and opponents, has made soccer an extremely popular sport in the last few months in United States. This is a nation where the likes of NBA and MLB continue to rule the roost. Dempsey has confirmed that he plans to continue playing for the national team at least for the next two years, but he also expressed his concern that Klinsmann may look towards the future by dropping him.

“I would like to continue playing for the US team, but that depends on performing and getting called in. For me, I would like definitely to push to play in Copa America. It’s a tournament that I always valued and wanted to participate in. Jurgen has to decide if I’m still part of his plans or not and we’ll go from there,” said the striker. He has made 109 appearances for US in the last decade and has scored 39 goals.

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FIFA World Cup 2014 Predictions: France Vs Germany

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FIFA: Italy Ko Harakar Costa rica Final 16 Main

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Bad Refereeing Decision Makes Mexico Fume

Rafael Marquez concedes a penalty that too match-winning against Arjen Robben of Holland. But the manager of Mexico Miguel Herrera demands Pedro Proenca to be sent home as he allowed a penalty which was invented to Arjen Robben by which Holland moved to the quarter finals.

Herrera put all the blame on the referee for his team not making it through the quarter finals. He criticised the official of Europe who was in charge of the European team and not only in the match versus Holland in two or three other matches Mexico suffered due to bad refereeing. Accordingly Robben’s third dive was a tumble and he said that the referee was late enough to prevent it. Robben himself stated that he did dive which was the first fall. He even apologised for such a shot. Herera fumed over the dismal decision by the referee and he hoped that the committee will look into account regarding the decision of the referees. However, they could not decide the course of the match and therefore had to give up. He vehemently stated that if Holland’s team has a conscience then they should seriously look into it and not be in the next round.

Throughout the course of the World Cup- The match against Cameroon Mexico were denied of two goals, against Croatia there were two penalties which was denied and he literally meant favouritism which was shown towards Holland. All the decisions which were doubtful were denied to Mexico. Mexico was knocked out in 2006 by a superb goal from Maxi Rodriguez of Argentina which is played in the spirit of the game but to be knocked out due to a poor decision makes it unsympathetic. Clearly the whistle man got severely criticised by all in and after the game which will be a learning lesson for the other referees.

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Van Gaal Stated That Van Persie Is Expected To Be At His Best

Dutch coach Louis van Gaal has stated that Robin van Persie is definitely not at 100%, but he expects the forward to be at his best when the World Cup 2014 kicks off for the Dutch against Spain. The 30-year-old had an injury plagued season with Manchester United, but towards the back and of the season, it is understood that manager David Moyes allowed him to continue his recovery in Holland. Van Gaal says that this played a huge role in his recovery, which has enabled him to appear in the last few friendly matches for the national team. However, he was taken off in the 2-0 win over Wales and the worst was feared for the striker.

The soon-to-be Manchester United manager announced that van Persie is definitely not at 100% but since the World Cup is two weeks away, it would allow him enough time to get his best. Netherlands open their tournament with a match against Spain in what would be a repeat of the 2010 finals. This match could determine their fate in the tournament, as anything other than a victory will put them at a huge risk of missing out on the knockout stages. Van Gaal will want to go out on a high.

“He is not 100 per cent, but we have two weeks to go. I think he will be 100 per cent. He is coming out of injury but we built him already up in our federation, our medical department. It was under the permission of David Moyes, so we could control him. He has worked very hard. Then he played two matches of 20 or 30 minutes and the last match 70 minutes. We did not expect that as the injury was bad,” said the former Bayern Munich and Barcelona coach.

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